.: Description
This katana was forged by the legendary swordsmith, Goro Masamune. It is the foremost of the kasu artifacts, and as such lends its bearer the power to obtain great wealth. It's gleaming blade is said to be capable of cutting through several men in a single stroke.

Lore Item

.: Details
Name: Masamune
Section: Weapons
Value: 0
Shop Cost: 0
Features: - Strength Bonus: 250%
- Defense Bonus: 200%
- Speed Bonus: 200%
- Proc: Light and Darkness
  - Rate: 90% of all attacks
  - DmgMod: 250% of original hit
- Hitpoint Boost: 20000
- Max Sockets: 5
- Sail Wait Time Reduction: 10 seconds
+5% to All NPC Drop RatesBurgeoning Wood - Your wealth grows like a forest equip
5% Double DropReplenishing Water - Treasures flow unto youequip
5% Spawn ChanceBeacon Fire - Your influence draws attentionequip
+50% to Quest KillsBracing Earth - Your glory in slaying is as immoveable as earthequip
5% Double KillSundering Metal - Your wrath cleaves two foes at onceequip