Gold Treasure Chest B

.: Description
These are a few of your favorite things!
Gold Chest B contains up to 4 of these possible items:
Deens Brand Deed (extremely rare)
Stalactar (extremely rare)
Berserk Training Potion (very rare)
Frost Wand of Taru'el (extremely rare)
Trick Coin (extremely rare)
Ignaas's Silver Saber (very rare)
Awake Potion (uncommon)
Alluring Elixir (very rare)
The Despicable Dirty Drawer (very rare)
Laurelia's Toro Brooch (very rare)
Dath's Delight (rare)
Empowered Insanity Potion (extremely rare)
Training Booster (rare)
Strong Mead (rare)
Turkey Blade (very rare)
Clarity Elixir (rare)
spice! (common)
gold! (common)
Cannibalistic Totem (very rare)

.: Details
Name: Gold Treasure Chest B
Section: Edibles
Value: 0
Shop Cost: 0
Features: - None