Bronze Treasure Chest B

.: Description
Chest of totally mildly awesome things, and rare chance for extraordinary things.
Bronze Chest B contains up to 4 of these possible items:
Bronze Training Shirt (rare)
Cornelius's Power Shake (uncommon)
Trent's Supreme Law (very rare)
Double Whip Mace (rare)
Cars Long Train (rare)
Training Booster (uncommon)
Bob's Right Hand (very rare)
spice! (very common)
Solemus's Seaworthy Solution (uncommon)
Focused Awake Potion (very common)
King Captain Hat (rare)
gold! (very common)
Energy Potion (common)
Trick Coin (extremely rare)

.: Details
Name: Bronze Treasure Chest B
Section: Edibles
Value: 0
Shop Cost: 0
Features: - None