Gold Treasure Chest A

.: Description
Whoever said "All that is gold does not glitter" obviously never saw this chest!

Contains: Awakes (usually), spice (sometimes), and various other wonderful things!
Gold Chest A contains up to 4 of these possible items:
60 Day RP Pack (rare)
Johnny's Pebble of Resilience (rare)
Taaffeite (rare)
Johnny's Pebble of Destruction (rare)
Training Booster (rare)
Training Boots (rare)
Focused Awake Potion (common)
Three Wise Men (rare)
Kilij (very rare)
Solemus's Seaworthy Solution (rare)
Kraken Beak Necklace (very rare)
Black Jack's Boots (very rare)
El Loco Mexicano Pepper (rare)
Bane's Fury (common)

.: Details
Name: Gold Treasure Chest A
Section: Edibles
Value: 0
Shop Cost: 0
Features: - None